Lawrence Farber,  L.C.S.W., M.S.W., CSAT-C

Therapy Testimonials

Larry and I first met when we both attended the Suffolk YJCC. Larry is an avid swimmer and I use the pool to do my aerobics workouts regularly. We would meet in the hot tub and began to talk on a regular basis. I was an active substance abuser and compulsive eater weighing 460 pounds. My emotional and physical state was in a decline when I engaged Larry professionally. We began meeting for one hour sessions weekly but they usually ran significantly longer. In addition he was always available to me at the Y for impromptu coaching session. Larry’s mentoring became intensely important to me as well as profitable in terms of my recovery/state of being.


In the short time we worked together, Larry was instrumental in getting me over some major issues that had haunted to me for years. Larry helped me break the denial of being a substance abuser and a compulsive eater which started me in 12 step programs that I’ve continued till today. But most significantly Larry was able to show me certain aspects of my behavior which helped me break through a codependent situation I’d lived with all my life. Helped me break out of the victim role – become a victor in my life as opposed to a victim.


I have been in the therapeutic community for long time. I have worked with a therapist over a ten year period who was very help. But Larry has a special way of concern and care that he shows his patients/clients – an effective, gentle manner about himself that allowed me to believe I could move forward in my life.

Anthony L.
Brooklyn, NY

Larry Farber has worked with me for about 14 years. As a teenager, I suffered from a social anxiety disorder and grew up without a father to guide me through life. My disorder and the fact that my father wasn’t around made my life very difficult at times. I would get afraid at times trying to make friends or establish a meaningful relationship with a woman. My mom started to research social workers and found Larry Farber. Larry Farber made a tremendous difference in my life.


Larry Farber was very flexible with setting up appointments with me since I had school during the day. He was very friendly, a great listener, understanding, and very knowledgeable during our sessions and helped me understand the difficulties I was dealing with and helped me overcome those difficulties. Because of him, I’m able to enjoy a life without worrying about my disorder or the fact that my father wasn’t around to guide me. I am very fortunate to have known Larry Farber and that he has helped me overcome all the obstacles I’ve encountered in life.

John P.
Suffolk County, Long Island

I have known Larry for 4 years on both a personal and professional level. I am a firm believer that I cannot facilitate the healing process without having already done/or actively working on my own individual developmental wounding. I can honestly state I see this quality in Larry as well. There is a big difference, in my opinion, from a therapist/psychologist/psychiatrist and a healer. There are many therapists/psychologist/psychiatrist out there, but few are true healers; Larry is a healer. I know no other human being/therapist who works harder on their selves (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) to be a person of great integrity, authenticity and a legitimate conduit for grace to facilitate lasting, systemic change toward health as Larry. I would trust him with my life!

Eric Belsterling LPC, LCASA
Clinical Supervisor, Eliada Home
Asheville, NC

Larry, Mr. Farber, that is, is a tremendous professional asset to the Asheville community. He has the highest ethical standards and the strongest commitment to a young person’s recovery from substance abuse that I have ever witnessed. These characteristics derive from numerous clinical hours and years of assisting others. He is eager for his clients to know the effects of sobriety one day at a time.


Larry is not limited to a conceptual framework. He speaks of the body as the repository of one’s childhood trauma and memory. He combines yoga exercises and treatment with the keenest sense of analytical in-take patient diagnosis. He is honest and candid, with his patients and professional colleagues, and I have never seen him compromise the rights of any patient under any circumstance.


These are words that should describe every recovery professional, in my opinion, but unfortunately do not: To help another, one must recover one’s true self; To know the work another must do, one must do the required work one’s self. Larry takes a genuine joy in helping others in recovery. It is his chosen path, one to which he adds substantial aptitude and considerable professional experience.

Richard Vanderveen, M.A.
Arden, NC

It is a pleasure to share my heartfelt testimonial regarding Larry Farber, not only as a uniquely gifted therapist, but as a warm and wonderful person. Quite simply, the world needs more people like Larry Farber. To have the opportunity to know Larry on a personal or business level is to enhance your life. He is a kind, insightful, and gentle man with the utmost integrity. As they say, “he is the real deal.”


Initially, I had been a reluctant client, and that is putting it mildly. In the midst of living with unbearable loss, with no hope of “getting through it”; I had accepted that surviving grief meant living with grief. I put on a brave face, and got through the daily grind. Larry not only helped me find courage to hope for brighter days, but patiently helped build my confidence and strengthened my faith that I could live a joyous life once again.


I went for the dream and got more than could be imagined. I am blessed to live a life of tremendous joy that allows me to handle the sorrowful memories and hold them dear. Years later, and forever; I am always grateful to the inspiration and support of Larry Farber.

Glen Cove NY

My name is Angelo D’Aversa. I am a married deacon in the roman catholic church. I have had, and still have, the great good fortune and blessing of establishing a friendship, about twenty years now, with Larry Farber. Our first encounter took place in an ACOA meeting room in the church in which I serve. As in all twelve step programs anonymity eventually gives way to deep trust, close bonding and yes – even love among its members. Larry and I have been in constant contact with each other … almost daily in the early years. I might characterize our relationship as becoming one of mutual sponsorship as well as deep personal friendship. There is very little that we do not know of each of our respective “stories.” This has led to great healing, self-knowledge, and at least as importantly spiritual maturity for both of us. Any individual who “works” a twelve step program knows that it is one which melds the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of an addicts life… It helps to set them free and keep them free.


Larry’s personal credentials as a counselor, therapist, and yoga master speak for themselves… I am just a little envious of his intellectual capacity. The personal hurdles he has overcome are enormous … and I rarely use superlatives. When I recall the personal sufferings related to these hurdles which Larry endured and overcame, I wonder at how effective he has grown in dealing with young addicts and helping them achieve the inner freedom they both need and desire.


He possesses those characteristics which are the upside of personal suffering. I have seen him exhibit patience, endurance, courage, and a somewhat “gentle,” brutal, honesty which allows him to confront both himself and the addicts he is helping. These gifts he possesses and others are brought to this noble profession of service. I am proud to call him friend.

Angelo D’Aversa
East Meadow NY