Lawrence Farber,  L.C.S.W., M.S.W., CSAT-C


Larry Farber and I have spoken together on several different occasions. He has his own unique, individual style that seems to resonate well with an audience. Comments from evaluations from previous retreat attendees include, “Larry was a breath of fresh air!”, “Has so much to offer.”, “Down to earth.”, and “Thinking out of the box is a great new tool.” His knowledge and dedication make him a good choice as a speaker in most any setting.

Susan Bollinger, RN

It often takes a lifetime for most people to discover their gifts and many more are unable to find a way to embrace and express them. Not for Lawrence (Farber). Through lifelong training in both social work and yoga, Larry has found a way to reach groups of people who have often given up hope of feeling better physically, and have often lost significant physical functioning because of this. Larry doesn’t just give these people a temporary fix; he teaches them customized routines to increase their movement and decrease their pain. He promotes and teaches the mind-body connection and provides information, support, and encouragement so that each patient leaving the class wants to integrate what they have learned (thus “Integration Yoga”). Whether the person is crippled from pulmonary disease, arthritis or some other disease, Larry works one on one to engage each participant. He is a true professional; genuinely empathetic and upbeat. Everyone he touches is thankful for him and the work he does.

Annette Sophin PA, MSMM

Larry’s compassion and dedication to his work was evident in his facilitation of recovery meetings at Four Circles Recovery Center. His intuitive responses to young adults created the opportunity for group members to explore the roots of their addictive behavior. He utilized his therapeutic and recovery backgrounds and his style of direct communication as a catalyst for challenging clients to seek a deeper commitment to recovery.

Melanie Weis PhD, LPC, LCAS-P, NCC. Program Director, Four Circles Recovery Center