Lawrence Farber,  L.C.S.W., M.S.W., CSAT-C

Yoga Testimonials

I turned to yoga out of curiosity and to improve my flexibility…what I discovered with Integration Yoga changed my life. 50 lbs. weight loss, incredible gains in flexibility and strength, plus a surprising lift in my spiritual and emotional well-being.

Matt Rubenstein, Director of Marketing & Sales, DJ Times Magazine

They say that good things come your way when you least expect them..that is what happened one Monday morning when I walked into Larry’s class for the first time. It was the beginning of an incredible journey filled with bliss and contentment.

Debby Steinberg, R.N.

When you are involved with an Integration class or workshop, you have entered into a world beyond Hatha yoga postures. The integration of mind, spirit and body serves to improve all areas of your life…well beyond the time you spend in the class itself.

Michele A. Bell, President,

My friend Barbara has taken many yoga classes and so have I, and we both agree that Larry is an exceptional teacher. The more of his classes I take the more evident this becomes.Not only is he entertaining, but very knowledgeable, committed, caring and dedicated. He has a real gift for making the postures understandable in terms of what they can do for the body and why. This is the main aspect missing from classes I have taken before.

Lisa Fronti, age 36, fashion designer

Larry is a superior yoga teacher and a talented therapist. He took into account my frailties and disabilities, got me into yoga, as much as I was physically capable and I throughly enjoyed it.

Dr. Pat Nilson Ph.D., age 77, psychologist

I have studied and enjoyed yoga with many teachers for over forty years. However, when I started Larry Farber’s yoga class I had no idea I would also benefit medically. I have had essential hypertension (no known etiology) also for forty years. I took a private class and began practicing the postures as he suggested twice a day. And sure enough over a 3 month period my pressure dropped an average of 15 to 20 points. This benefit can be maintained as long as I practice the postures consistently. I was actually able to lower my blood pressure medication.

Jean Santoro, LCSW

Larry’s yoga classes were intuitive and deeply engrossing. I enjoyed them enormously! Through movement and breath work, Larry’s class helped me unlock my body’s stored tension as I strengthened and lengthened muscles I was unaware I had.

Steven Andres, age 64, consultant

My time in Larry’s class has been a godsend. It has given me the freedom to be who I am, speak up and ask questions and learn. I have become freer.

Nancy Fardelmann, age 74

Our organization has been thrilled with the yoga program that Larry Farber has organized for our Church Auxiliary. He has created a relaxed, welcoming environment that has appealed to both yoga and exercise newbies, as well as more advanced participants. The popularity of our classes, continually growing during to positive word-of-mouth, are a testament not only to his passion for yoga, but his ability to engage his students in such a way that sessions are fun as well as productive.

Gina Debold, age 48, computer consultant

After hearing Larry Farber teach a two day workshop about yoga I decided to contact him to set up a time to meet. This was almost two years ago and in looking back I am grateful to him for all the changes in my life. Larry is an excellent yoga instructor – he patiently has taught me the basic postures needed to properly practice yoga. In addition to the physical benefits I have gained by following his instructions, he is very knowledgeable in nutrition and has helped me to totally change my diet. This in turn has changed me from needing daily allergy medication to having no sinus problems. For years I suffered from sinus infections and constant congestion. Now I rarely take any medication and am symptom free. I totally credit this to the changes I have made with Larry’s guidance. His approach is holistic – mind, body and spirit and he has been a wonderful help to me in each of these areas.

Nancy Rybacki, social worker